Rants and Raves: Lulitonix 3-Day Cleanse Review

Lulitonix Cleanse

Hey Beauties! 

Last week I had the pleasure of trying out my first blended cleanse. No, not a juice cleanse, a blended one! It was hard at times but other time made me feel better than ever. Below you’ll find my full review. Feel free to post any comments or questions below…always love to hear from you!

Different juices, but all nutrition powerhouses!

Different juices, but all nutrition powerhouses!

Morning ONE: Last night I ate so much. No, scratch that, this whole weekend I ate so much. It was constant grazing…oodles of random snacks, empty carbs and no structured meals. It left me feeling awful. Luckily, I had my cleanse with my Lulitonix starting Monday and was nervous but so looking forward to healing my insides.

First thing on Monday morning, I woke up at 6AM and drank my usual warm water and lemon juice, followed by .5L of water, after that I ran out the door to make it to my 7AM total-body INTENSE workout class at the gym. Because I had eaten SO much this weekend, my stomach felt awful and was still digesting the food from my last snacking session at 11:50 on Sunday night. After the gym, I headed to work where I had my juices waiting for me! Unlike other juicing companies, Lulitonix doesn’t prescribe an order in which to drink the blended beverages, so I started with the CLEANSE drink. It isn’t sweet but very refreshing and showcases all of the ingredients (lemon, aloe, cayenne, turmeric, black pepper, coconut sugar and himalayan sea salt).

9:57AM: Nervous about not eating.
11: KICK (kale, romaine, lettuce, mango, chard, figs, lemon, mint, chia, cinnamon) Pretty good! I loved the texture of this and loved the cleansing taste of the mint.
1: GLOW (kale, avocado, spinach, blueberries, lettuce, banana, basil, figs, mint, lemon, ginger) Ooh the texture of this! Combine banana and avocado for such a rich and creamy beverage. This drink is wonderful for curing that afternoon hunger.
3: CHILL! (kale, cilantro, pineapple, mango, lemon, mint, lemon, figs) FAVORITE!!! Ooooh, I WANT EVERY BEVERAGE to be this! It is sweet, fresh and filling. This juice=WINNING.
4: FLY (lettuce, wild greens and herbs, mango, mint, figs, lemon, cinnamon): Super thick and satiating with the sweet mango and the cleansing mint.
7: LIFETONIC (goji berry, raspberry and blueberry infused purified water, chia, lemon, coconut sugar, himalayan sea salt) Okay, definitely not my cup of tea…however, it is very light and tastes like an unsweetened ice tea. I did LOVE the filling chia seeds.
9PM: CHIA POWER (cashews, dates, vanilla, coconut oil, cinnamon, nutmeg, Himalayan sea salt)
Holy, canoli! I AM IN LOVE with this one! It was creamy, filling and left me feeling so happy and indulgent.
Night: Wow, I peed a lot (TMI) but seriously, I was up every two hours, but somehow woke up this morning feeling refreshed.
The bottle graveyard.

The bottle graveyard.

Decided to skip the gym today but did a quick 10 minute HIIT
Caved at 1PM, but instead of reaching for the ice cream or cookies (guilty pleasure), I grabbed two huge spoonfuls of coconut manna (coconut butter).
4PM: FLY: LOVE LOVE LOVE this and would happily drink it as a daily clean snack.
DAY TWO late-night: Caved at 11PM due to a growling stomach and ate some protein powder and then could finally fall asleep.
DAY THREE: WOOHOO, another day accomplished!!
Late afternoon: Found some mystery Pumpkin-Chai drink in the kitchen that was up for grabs and drank too much of it, and instantly loved it and hated it (due to its intense sugar load). After that, I had to go shopping for a photoshoot and ended up  being out of the office (and away from my blended drinks) for three hours. It messed up my timing but more than hunger, I was distracted by my thirst!! Insane, right? I had already drank probably 4L of liquid by that time but felt extremely parched. As soon as I arrived back at the office I craved the LIFETONIC because it is extremely rehydrating and loaded with electrolytes. It hit the spot but I still wasn’t feeling up for pulling my usual 2-a-days at the gym, so decided to rest up at the office and get some more work done.
After work, I was walking home at 7:30 and ran into my two female bosses who invited me for drinks and dinner at a lovely Italian restaurant. Juice or fresh Italian with quality boss time? I chose the latter. I didn’t drink but I did indulge in tossed arugula salad and a few handfuls of homemade chips…yeah, it was too bad I didn’t make it all the way to the end of the third day but I had an awesome time with my bosses and didn’t beat myself up.
Overall, I’d do another cleanse! It’s a simple way to get back on track and quickly drop a few pounds. However, my energy was a bit lower and I couldn’t push myself in the gym, which I hated! I absolutely loved my experience with Lulitonix, from the taste of the drinks to the prompt delivery to the satiating texture of a blended versus juiced cleanse. Also, my morning energy was so refreshing and made waking up extremely easily, even though I was waking up every two hours during the night to go pee!
Have you tried a cleanse? Was it blended or juicing? How was your experience? Which one of Lulitonix drinks would you want to try most? 

Your favorite Blended Blogger,

The CC


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