What I Ate Wednesday: 500th POST!

The CC 500 post

December 21st, 2011 I finally bit the bullet and started The Compost Cook. To say that I’ve always dreamt of having a food site isn’t even a bit of an exaggeration; I wrote my first cooking TV show proposal when I was EIGHT, wrote my first cookbook proposal when I was NINE and spent my tween years reading books about catering. The love of HEALTHY cooking came later; in Mrs. Burns fourth grade science class to be precise. She described to a room full of nine-year olds the gruesome reality of trans fats and the way they slowly clog our arteries. This scared the life out of me. I quickly became fascinated with food and its benefits and felt DETERMINED to get those in my life off the junk. Fast-forward 14 years and 5 cities later, I am still on the same quest. I just want to eat good food, share the adventures that lead me to that great food and of course the fitness that I discovered through my over-indulgence of that good food.

What did YOU eat this week?

What did YOU eat this week?

For today’s WIAW, I wanted to share my FAVORITE foods and of course, yesterday’s eats and my current workout.

1 2

SO, what did I eat yesterday? Well here’s the graphic of the day’s eats…sorry for the lack of pictures today!


Yesterday’s Workout:


What’s making you smile today? What’s something that you’ve dreamt about since you were young? What would you like to see more of on the blog? 

Blog LOVE,


Thanks to Jenn for hosting WIAW!

Thanks, Jenn for hosting this fantastic food event!

Thanks, Jenn for hosting this fantastic food event!

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