Feature Me, Friday: Getting Fly at Flywheel Flatiron

Hope you like this week's instalment.

Hope you like this week’s instalment.

I’ve attended Flywheel before, but figured since I was leaving the city at the end of the month, I wanted to cross one more thing off my bucket list by taking a Flywheel class with Holly Rilinger. I forget how I initially discovered Holly, but it was over a year ago and ever since I am so motivated by every picture and quote that she posts online. Also, I was amazed by her loyal followed, Who is this muscular fitness maven?! Anyway, I swallowed my fear and asked Holly if I could attend one of her Flywheel Flatiron classes. To my surprise and delight, she said yes. That’s how I found myself gawking at the petite but ridiculously powerful Holly, on Wednesday morning.


After the friendly front desk team checked me in, I took my cycling shoes and found my bike. The  class was packed (as I said, she has a following) and the excited energy was contagious. Holly asked the class who was happy and the class responded with cheers, then she asked who was UNhappy, two people raised their hands which Holly greeted with a laugh and thanked them for their honesty. She promised to uplift those saddened cyclists over the next 45 minutes.

2Over the 45-minute class, Holly gave us her all. She was personable and called out rider’s names throughout the class. The intervals were perfectly timed to the music and somehow I pushed myself harder than I thought I was able. By the end of class, I was DRIPPING wet; the last time I was that soaked with sweat was in a HOT YOGA class. As people exited the room, I felt like we were teammates with a communal love of a coach that just led us to a championship.

After class, I was sold on the Holly Rilinger experience, and was affirmed in my love of Flywheel. My feelings were confirmed when after class when I met a friend for coffee and when I said I was at Flywheel she cut me off with “DID YOU HAVE HOLLY? I TOTALLY WORSHIP HOLLY!”. Yup, she’s awesome.

Overall? Whoa, instructors make the world of a difference! If you are in the New York area, don’t hesitate, you’ve gotta go to Holly’s class! Also, Holly teaches a Spring Training Camp that I can only imagine is to her rockstar quality. Also, she seems to make frequent appearances on the West Coast, so I hope to train with her again out on the Pacific!

Have you tried a Flywheel class? Have you heard of Holly Rilinger? Do you have a fitness mentor? 

Happy Friday,

The CC

PS An added bonus of Flywheel? They have killer clothes, too! I may have bought a sweatshirt, sweatpants AND a tank. I’m officially a groupie. #sorrynotsorry

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