Teach Me, Tuesday: Finding Gym Perfection


I used to be petrified of gyms…I think many of us are. What are all these machines? What do they do? Why are so many men grunting? These are actual questions I’ve asked. New York changed this attitude into obsession. Now, I LOVE the gym, mostly because while in the city I went to two of the top gyms in the country; CLAY and Chelsea Piers Sports Center. Since I’ve moved, I have been thinking about why I loved these two gyms so much, since, on paper, they are very different. CLAY is a boutique gym with a Zen feel and not too members, making it always feel intimate. Chelsea Piers is a huge gym, with every facility you could ask for (sand volleyball courts, swimming pool, basketball courts, rock climbing wall, yoga studio, SURF classes), lots of members and an ATHLETIC vibe. Both of these places made me feel like the best version of myself. Below, I wanted to share some of my tips in finding YOUR gym bliss. Note: The BONUS tip is very important in your quest! 

2 3 4 5 6


So, have you found gym bliss? What do you love about your gym? 

Sweaty Love,



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