Marvelous in my Monday: Home, Sweet Home…Week One


Happy MIMM! How was everyone’s weekend? It is crazy to think that this time last week I was boarding a flight to move across the country. The pace of life in a small city is soo different from Manhattan. It will take some getting used to, but it’s a pace that allows for cooking, reflecting and working out, so I’m content!

Mondays. So good.

Mondays. So good.

Here are the visuals of this relaxed week back at home:

A for Alice in Wonderland. Here I am in the airplane bathroom…I swear I get taller every time I fly.



K is for KITCHEN, my happy place: The kitchen! I LOVE being home to cook for the family.20140406-170543.jpg


S is for SWEATING! I have been making time for myself early in the morning by hitting the gym, before most people are awake. 20140406-170554.jpg


Q is for QUAINT. My home town is so quaint…I mean, where else can you find cobble stone alley with a button store? Amazing.





I is for INSTAGRAM photo challenge. 






P is for PARK. This city is busting with flowering trees. I love it.



R is for RELAX. Stroll to the inner harbour, read your book, grab smoothies with your dad. Repeat until healthy and happy. 20140406-170703.jpg



S is for SWIM!! I cannot believe I did this but I did!! After hitting the weights and stairs on Saturday morning, I jumped in the lake…I MAY have spent the remainder of the day shivering but it was totally worth it. Also, I haven’t felt that alive in months.





H is for HEALTHY LUNCH with Mom. 20140406-170733.jpg


B is for Sunday Morning BREAKFAST in the sun, followed by church, meal prep and family dinner. 20140406-170742.jpg


How was your weekend? How has YOUR life transformed this week? Are the flowers in bloom in your city? 

Monday Love,


Katie, you rock.

Katie, you rock.



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