Thursday Thoughts: Body Transformation

Reality Check:
There’s more than one way to lose weight. Many of you just read that and went ‘DUH’, while I’m sure that disagree with this statement, like ‘Only a paleo-like diet will result in weight lose’. Well, I disagree. I’ve also realized that losing weight and getting healthier can be two VERY different things. At my skinniest, I was probably my sickest… Physically and mentally. When you’re THAT thin, you only think about food, numbers, and exercise. Happiness is a number on the scale. It’s not living, it’s calculating. I cried ALL OF THE TIME (probably because my blood sugar was so low). Now, I am TWENTY pounds heavier than the skinny version of me. I’ve learned a lot in those twenty pounds. Each represents a struggle of unconditional love and self acceptance. It’s scary to see your body transform so much, but it’s all about shifting your mindset. I’m still in a phase where I HATE wearing ‘normal clothes’ aka not Lululemons, because I’m not a size 0 or 2 anymore and those clothes now just dig into my hips and make me not want to eat. No thanks. My mom isn’t crazy about my love of leggings only, but when I’m ready I know I’ll return to clothes that aren’t 95% spandex. (In my defense, I wear the leggings for comfort but also for CAPABILITY… In these clothes I can run, sketch and see my cultivated curves). So, instead of grasping on to the latest diet, that may cause a drop on the scale, I’m focusing on strength and HEALTH. How am I feeling? How are my moods? Am I isolating myself with my eating habits? These are all really important questions. It’s important to check in with yourself and feel in control. Yes, I’ll admit that often I see my transformed body and miss my tiny frame but then I remember those 30 push-ups that I can do or that family meal I got to share. Let’s face it: how you look is NOT the most important thing. It’s just life. Laugh about it. Live it.

Anyway. Those are my Thursday Thoughts.

What’s on your mind today? Has your body recently transformed?

Self-love always,

PS. UPDATE: My mom agreed to go shopping last night for shirts to dress up my leggings. It’s a step in the right direction!!

4 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts: Body Transformation

  1. This post speaks to my heart. I felt (and sometimes still feel) those emotions. But I also felt hungry all the time. I waited for the clock to hit a certain hour so I could have lunch or dinner. Oy. Those days are getting further and further behind me. Thank you, thank you for this post. ❤ ❤

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