Marvelous in my Monday: Weekend in the Sun

Mondays. So good.

Mondays. So good.

Friday was my parent’s 33rd wedding anniversary. Insane, but true. Those two are still madly in love and continue to baffle/inspire me daily. Anyway, since it was their anniversary they decided to head off the island for a weekend in Vancouver. They also invited me along.




I hadn’t been to Vancouver in almost two years and somehow forgot about its greatness. I don’t think the city has changed much in that time, but apparently I have, because I fell in love with the place. It was relaxed but adventurous , busy but not overwhelming and established but not stuffy. So, I’ve decided to move! Well that’s the direction it’s headed in.


In addition to the sun, food and family this weekend, I had the opportunity to attend CHFA WEST. Canada Heath Food Association gathers North America’s best health food companies in a conference centre for people in the industry to discover what’s new in 2014. I have attended once before and it was as good, if not better than I remembered. It was all of the goods I love, in addition to ones that I am newly addicted to! By the end of Saturday I was so stuffed that I thought I was going to be sick. Not good, but I learned my lesson for day two!


Another MARVELOUS thing in my weekend was that my brother and sister-in-law bought their first house!!

This weekend was so great, refreshing and filled with too many highlights to type, so here are a few more snapshots:






What city have you recently fallen in love with? Have you attended a health food show? What’s marvelous in your Monday?

Monday Love,

Katie, you rock.

Katie, you rock.

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