This Photo.


It’s Thursday. The Internet is flooded with #TBT, Throwback Thursday. I love nostalgia because it coats all past events with a blanket of reason; what I mean is that when we are experiencing situations, we think that all of these random events (good and bad) are happening, however, when we look back we realize that all of our lives play out in a linear format with an exciting plot. Everything happened and will happen for a reason.

Today, this lesson hit close to home when I found my fifth grade school photo. This photo still makes me feel hurt. I was bullied so badly that day. I wasn’t the most popular kid, but I was liked. I was friends with the popular kids, but was a bit too weird and straight-edge for them. That day that I arrived at school people taunted me for my ridiculous hair…one kid (screw you, Denis!) said “It looked like a rat crawled up and died in your hair.” Ouch. Yes, my hair looked like a was a Southern Pageant Queen, but I felt so glamourous, before I heard those comments. Anyway, the reason that I share this is that, as silly as those comments were, that situation is part of my story. It built who I am today. I have received many more hurtful comments since that picture day, but I couldn’t be happier I did. Today, I have compassion, I have love and I have learned how to deal with some seriously sucky situations. Life can be tough, but you can be tougher.


Here I am this morning, makeup free and proud of who I’ve become.

Today, I challenge everyone to dig out an old photo that floods you with emotion. How does that photo contribute to your story? How did it build you are today? How much have you overcome since that photo? 

Big Hair Love.


5 thoughts on “This Photo.

  1. This is so true and I think its hard to find anyone out there who was not teased in some way growing up. I know I was! Whether it was my buckteeth, frizzy hair or my love for Tom Petty. Yes – I was teased over Tom Petty! I guess it’s a sin to appreciate real music. Regardless, little people are harsh but it is what shapes us into who we are today. I don’t know who I would be today if it wasn’t for all the teasing!

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  3. Love that photo. My 3rd grade pic, and a few others from when I had filled up but not grown vertically, are my versions of the same. It is so unfortunate that teasing in a malicious way is now a “rite of passage.” I don’t care if it makes you stronger–people should treat all people as humans. I hope that I can instill that in my children. Kudos to you for being a-ok and, what’s more, PROUD of who you are. We all are (of you!)!

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