Marvelous in my Monday: Food, More Food and Racing It all off!

Happy Monday, Babes!

Mondays. So good.

Mondays. So good.

Sorry for my lack of posting last week but I was in the final stretch of organizing the book launch/mini food Fest for the chef that I’ve been working with. It happened on Thursday night and was a huge success. 200 people came out, fantastic food was sampled and bottles, upon bottles of wine were drunk.





FRIDAY, the action didn’t stop because my Dad and I threw a little surprise party to celebrate my mom’s 20th anniversary of being on-air. She was surprised. It was well-deserved. All-around lots of fun. (And delicious cake).20140427-174317.jpg



Then, it was time for my SECOND gym session of the day. Morning session was legs, shoulders and abs, then the afternoon was cardio. I had to squeeze in a double session because I was supposed to go away on the weekend for work, but as I was leaving, the trip was cancelled! 20140427-174332.jpg



SATURDAY was SWIM DAY! Okay, this rarely happens but I just wasn’t up to going to the gym (probably because of the intense double session on Friday), so instead, I spent the majority of the day sitting in the sun, reading Tim Ferriss’ new book, talking to friends in New York, calling my sisters and going for a quick swim in the lake.  20140427-174354.jpg




SUNDAY was my first race of the season (and probably my last). It was a 10K race that I have raced in several times before. It’s the city’s largest race and is a BEAUTIFUL course (think ocean AND mountains). I hadn’t run 10K since SEPTEMBER, but I finished in 50:20!!!! I was so excited!! I was DEAD for the rest of the day (and FAMISHED), but was so excited that I ran. 20140427-174422.jpg

20140427-174430.jpgWhat were you challenged with this weekend? Do you run with your family? Have you been to a food festival? 

Monday Love, with oodles of gratitude for Katie!


Katie, you rock.

Katie, you rock.



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