Feature Me, Friday: Self Love

Woman are raised to think that we are flawed and in need of a makeover or a diet. We aren’t. We are miraculous and lovely ladies who need to learn to love ourselves. 20140522-180051-64851108.jpgThe picture above are reminders from my girl, Meg’s post about dealing with our critical eyes. I’ve struggled with body dysmorphia , as have many women, and I want it to stop. Bashing ourselves is cruel. The change starts now, so start spreading the self-love and stop feeling ‘less than’.


Buh Bye to Body Bashing,



2 thoughts on “Feature Me, Friday: Self Love

  1. you’re amazing!!!!!!!! thank you for sharing my post, but also…. thank you for being you and using the tools to make your mind healthier and your self love stronger ❤ always here for you love

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