Ride the Wave.

Mondays. So good.

Mondays. So good.

Happy Monday! My Dad’s big birthday weekend is over and I am exhausted but filled with love for my family. Especially my extended family; I rely on my parents and siblings so much, but this weekend was a perfect reminder of the support of cousins, aunts, uncles and grandmothers. This spring has been a transitional and transformative one; a huge move, a career shift, a couple of medical scares… Yes, even ONE of those things would have been plenty to deal with, but I truly couldn’t be more grateful for each of them because they’ve left me humbled and continually seeking pockets of peace and happiness. This weekend had many pockets of happiness, because everyone was brought together for the communal love of my dad. We had the party on Saturday night (Beach Boys themed), but the fun spilled over to the rest of the weekend, involving lots of time in the sun and tons of time catching up with each other. 

Here are some of the marvelous moments: 









What was marvelous in your weekend? Are you close with your extended family? What changes did you experience this Spring? 



Thanks, Katie for this marvelous event.

Katie, you rock.

Katie, you rock.

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