Thinking Out Loud


So, I’m a Thinking Out Loud virgin, but here are my thoughts for Thursday:


1. Some people have no manners. For the next month, my job is to sample products. I love these products; they include amazing ingredients, delicious flavours and incredible health benefits. Since starting my job I realized that people have no issue: spitting out things in front of you, telling you its disgusting, or proceeding to yell at you for including an ingredient that they are allergic to (ask what’s in something BEFORE tasting it, if you have allergies). Yes, sometimes, after these rude customers leave I want to call their mothers or Emily Post.


2. Vancouver is incredible. For the next month I’m living in Vancouver and I LOVE this city. I remember when someone asked me when I was happiest in New York and I responded with ‘On Saturday mornings when I led community runs along the water then go for fresh juice’…that person enlightened me that they experience is achievable in many other cities (where the rent is cheaper), Vancouver is one of those cities.

3. I have the world’s best roommates. Yes, those roommates are my brother and sister-in-law but regardless of their relation to me, they are so amazing. This week we all seem to be working similar hours so it means we all get home at the same time and can catch up/eat dinner together. Also, they’re so positive!


4. REST WEEK. Okay, this is lovely, but scary; I’m challenging myself for taking a week off the gym. It feels amazing, but it is a bit disturbing, because I usually spend an hour in the gym EVERY MORNING. I don’t want exercise to become an idol in my life, so I’m focusing on being active in other ways that are more social and much more restorative. Will this mess up my strength development? Maybe. Will this help me learn to listen to my body? Definitely.

Those are my thoughts, as I sit in the sun on the deck.

Have you experimented with a rest week? What have been your favorite roommates? 

Until tomorrow!


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