Eating is an Adventure.

Coming to peace with eating.


Wouldn’t it be glorious to not think about food? I used to think that. I feared food. It was what I always wanted so badly. It was the ultimate reward. I’m happy to say that it’s becoming less of a reward or punishment but more a fun addition to life. I am learning not to over think it, I’ve struggled with eating with people in the past with fears of their judgment or my attempt to figure out what ‘normal’ eating looks like then mimic it. Now, if I’m hungry, I’m going to pause, figure out what nutrients and textures my body is craving, then act upon it. No guilt. No regret. No shame. It’s a process but it’s one that I’m excited to be on.

As I’ve mentioned before, surrounding myself with people who are at peace with themselves has been crucial. Living with my brother and sister-in-law is the best. Now, food isn’t as much of a reward as having a spent the afternoon making Vines with my brother or learning about love from my sister-in-law.

On the weekend I’m heading back to the island for another two weeks, as I start a new job (!!), and figure out if relocation will be necessary. When things are going so well, change can cause unrest, so instead of worrying about what hasn’t happened yet and slipping into old unhealthy habits, I’m going to focus on today.

That’s the food for thought, and here’s the meals for WIAW:



Breakfast: Eggs fried in coconut oil, prosciutto, mushrooms and arugula 20140617-095000-35400259.jpg


Lunch: Whole Foods Bento Box…4 vegan salads that were all delicious (especially the raw Pad Thai)20140617-095001-35401501.jpg

Snack: Hardbite Parsnip Chips 20140617-095000-35400646.jpg


Beverage with Snack: Iced Watermelon Mint. AMAZING.

Dinner: Turkey, Chives and Thai Rice Stuffed Peppers



Dessert: Dragon Fruit


What’s on your plate this week (literally and figuratively)? How are you coming to self-love and body peace? 

Love to the moon and back,



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