A friend of mine shared this quote earlier in the week; I couldn’t agree with it more. Recently, I have had to make some life decisions and have been questioning many decisions I made in the past: Why did I quit my job? Why did I leave New York? What could I be doing if I had stayed? These questions are endless. However, this quote reminds me that memories are the saturated, edited and enhanced versions of past events. What I often forget in asking these questions is what about the loneliness, the burn-out… the daily struggles? Apparently, I have a very selective memory. Moving forward, I’m considering the mundane details in my next life decision (which involves a new job and a move). What will I do when I’m stressed out at work and don’t want to see or talk to anyone? Where will I grocery shop? How will I be active? Will I be able to find a social group? I am no longer letting my mind be bombarded with expectations of how others adore the city, instead, I will realize that everyone and every experience is unique, so why not acknowledge that from the start? I’ve lived in incredible cities, with amazing adventures, but instead of romanticizing those memories and setting an extremely high bar for my next destination, I’m going back to basics and see what happens when I just let life unfold.

How have you let expectations influence your decisions? What mundane decisions do you consider when making major decisions? 

Here’s to moving on,



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