Teach Me, Tuesday: Healthy Living Redefined



Healthy Living Redefined…Hmmm, I read this title and assumed that it was another book with a layout for 21 days of cookie cutter good health. Instead, I found a book that was refreshing, non-judgmental and honest. It is the perfect book for introducing someone to holistic health and is interested in making easy, introductory changes in their lives and to be more grateful, healthy and educated. Even for myself, who’s read her fair share of health books over the year, I too, had something to learn from Katie’s book.


From tongue scraping to simple calf raises while brushing your teeth, this book is filled with challenges. Katie provides meals and activities for 28 days, in addition to activities that add mindfulness to your day. IT IS NOT A DIET BOOK… It’s a book about making LIFESTYLE changes. Katie shares her wisdom on positive mindset, past experiences, and holistic health. Though sharing her story, Katie allows us to reflect upon our own journey and set goals for our health and happiness…I had some enlightening moments while reading 🙂

In conclusion, I loved this book. It was a book that I savoured reading because it was uplifting and easy to go back to for golden nuggets of information.

Where are you on your health journey? What’s your favourite book this month? 

Book Worm Love,


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