Float Away: The Compost Cook Heads to the Float Tanks


Good morning, Beauties! I’m off to Vancouver, but I wanted to share one of my newest obsessions: Floating…yes, the kind that you go into a specific tank to experience, not the same as what you do at the beach. Below is what I wrote after my first floating experience six weeks ago. 20140711-070251-25371685.jpgOut of body. Futuristic. Meditative. Calm. Whoa, I just finished my first float tank experience, and after 90 minutes I woke up with heavy limbs, and a relaxed mind that was aware and awake. Yes, I just fell into one of my deepest sleeps of recollection..and it was in water.

But, let me rewind: After being shown my personal ‘floating room’, with a shower to rinse off in (before and after floating) and given some tea while the experience was explained, I was left alone and ready to be zen. After quickly rinsing off, I opened up a 8 foot white cocoon-like tank that was filled with still water and illuminated by LED lights. I lowered myself into the tank and tried to slowly position myself correctly, so I was most comfortable. I thought I was going to get out of the tank after twenty minutes because I was anxious and couldn’t figure out if I was doing it ‘right’…Should I put my arms to my sides? Should I put them over my head? Should I close my eyes? While I was neurotically questioning my experience, the LED lights turned off, as did the music. Oy vey, I thought, time for me to get out. What a waste.

…That’s the last thing I remember. 90 minutes later I opened my eyes from the deepest sleep I can remember. It was one of those sleeps where you are completely disoriented and wake up fluidly and refreshed but with the desire to cuddle someone and go back to bed. It was magical and I cannot wait to return. Many creative people use the tank for a tool to help with their imagination, but I found that it made me aware that calm that deep was achievable. Also, it made me feel awesome about my body, because, for 90 minutes, I was weightless.

Do yourself a favour, float away.

Have you tried a float tank? How was your experience? 

Happy Friday,


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