Work on work on work

Mondays. So good.

Mondays. So good.

I started the weekend off by leaving my job a bit early to catch the ferry for extra work that I had committed to before starting my full-time job. Extra work on the weekend? Why not! … At the time this sounded like such a sensible decision, now I realize that it was masochistic one. Life 1 – Meg 0. Even if it wasn’t completely enjoyable, I totally survived working outside in this heat wave but it meant that I was brain-dead by the time I got off work and only had the energy to walk home, cook, eat and catch up on Scandal. #sorrynotsorry

By Sunday evening I was on the ferry home and so burnt out and overwhelmed with tasks that I called my best friend in the city and begged her to pick me up at the ferry to forgo a two-hour public transit trek home. Because she’s the best, she was there when I got off the boat and didn’t complain once. #thebest

Here are some other highlights of this Marvelous Monday:



Have you overcommitted recently? How did you cope?

I’ve never been so happy for the weekend to be over,


Katie, you rock.

Katie, you rock.




One thought on “Work on work on work

  1. Sorry you had such a busy & rough weekend! Overcommitting is tough.
    Gotta love coconut water, yum!! Happy monday! 🙂

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