Getting Back, Getting Better, Moving On.

Mondays. So good.

Mondays. So good.

Weekend success….one of those weekends where you feel like you actually had a break, even though I worked Friday night and Saturday, I went outside, I saw friends, I accomplished tasks…and generally just felt good. Good is something I haven’t felt in a while. Moving, work, hormones…these all contribute to a feeling of anxiety and self-criticism most of the time. However, I am happy to report that I am working on it….I’m realizing that no one is going to save me, I’ve got to save myself. No one cares more about my health than me, no one cares more about my happiness than me, no one CONTROLS my life but ME. It’s a work in progress, but I’m happy to announce that I’m becoming much gutsier with confronting my emotions and figuring out what makes me tick and WHY. I’m also realizing the things that give me great relief….drawing is a big one, as is anything where I get to create (ie COOKING!).

Today, my parents leave for my cottage for three weeks and even though I am seriously bummed that I won’t be there I am happy to say that I am consciously focusing on the great things that I’ll be doing here: a new bootcamp (only three days per week…so no chance of going back to my obsessive ways), new projects at work (yes, work makes me excited), new hiking trails that I’ll discover, and of course, new recipes to create!

Okay, on to the marvelous pictures of this weekend:







What’s making you smile today? What is something that makes YOU tick? What gives YOU relief? 

Marvelous Love,


Katie, you rock.

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