Chub Rub…and other words that make me want to scream.

Before I get into the delightful food portion of today’s post, I need to rant. Today’s rant is about a term I was recently taught: ‘Chub Rub’. Am I the only one who doesn’t know what this means? Probably, BUT, in case you are out of the loop, like me, let me fill you in.

Chub Rub: The chaffing from skin to skin contact, commonly experienced for all of those who don’t have a thigh gap.

The worst, right? I only discovered this term because I complained to a friend about this strange rash I was getting on the inside of my thigh….she quickly informed me that I was being initiated to ‘Chub Rub’….while the term is hilarious, it makes me feel like a whale. I thought that it was already established that thigh gaps are not natural on women and that curves should be cultivated. Now, when I look down at my red inner thigh I feel totally frustrated.

However, I’m learning that while I don’t have the thigh gap that I had for over 5 years, I also don’t get confused for a little boy (this happened in Japan). So, the takeaway? Cultivate Curves, not Criticism. 

Rant over, now time for the nosh.

What did YOU eat this week?

What did YOU eat this week?

Summer, glorious summer. It has been a HOT week in Canada and I have been LOVING IT. Since my last post I have made progress on my summer goals: new outdoor adventure? Check! Bootcamp? Check! Delicious meals? CHECK! Speaking of meals… Happy WIAW! Here are my eats from yesterday:







Those are my eats for the week, what have you been concocting? What words are you removing from your vocabulary this week? Have you heard of ‘Chub Rub’?

Foodie Love,


Thanks, Jenn for hosting this fantastic food event!

Thanks, Jenn for hosting this fantastic food event!

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