I’m home.


I can’t believe I’ve only been here a week. It feels like home. Let me back up. I have officially moved to Seattle. Today is day ten in my Emerald City adventure and so far, so good. This first week has flown by, because I’ve been crazy with work, but at night I’ve been decorating, cooking, exploring and falling in love with this city. It’s weird being in a city that’s not New York…it is very different, and has made me aware of how cities have such unique personalities. One thing I really miss about New York is the amount of people on the street, there seems to be no one on the streets in Seattle at night… this means that late-night walking home isn’t going to be happening 🙂 However, the air quality, ocean and mountains are so comforting and make me feel safe. Also, the simple fact that I am so close to where I grew up and where my family lives is extremely comforting.

The people of Seattle are so laid-back and total foodies. It’s awesome. They have such a high-standard of living and think it’s normal to have the ocean, the mountains, the islands and the city within reach. Oh, and did I mention the coffee? Thank goodness I started to become a coffee snob before I came here, because coffee in Seattle is serious…well, actually it’s hilarious because coffee is a serious subject but Starbucks isn’t looked down upon because it’s technically local.

Anyway, my favourite thing about the city (so far) is my apartment…I have no roommates, just oodles of room to myself!! It’s amazing (except I do sometimes miss The Dollhouse). Here are some pictures of life in Seattle. Enjoy!











Anyway, thanks for putting up with my online disappearance but I am so happy to be back. It’s a marvelous Monday, indeed.

So, what’s new in your life? Does the Fall bring changes in your life? What are you doing to end the summer with a bang?

Seattle Love,


6 thoughts on “I’m home.

  1. Well from the snapshots you posted, it looks like your new place is lovely! I wish I could see it. I’m actually moving today to my new basement suite! It comes furnished, which is convenient for a student-in-transit, but I ache to finally have my own non-student-digs and decorate it all myself! But the biggest accomplishment for now is living alone… I’m also excited to have oodles of room to myself! Lots of love. xx

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