New city, new beginnings. Everything is open for rethinking, dating included. Yesterday, I told my sister that I was going to start dating again. Her reaction? Good, just stay away from the rich douche bags. I laughed, but her comment had a lot of truth. Since I can remember I have been attracted to extremely traditionally attractive and cocky men. The unattainable ones. Looking at this behavior now, I realize that it was a fear-based action. Let me explain: Since I’ve always struggled to see myself as beautiful or sexy, I compensated that insecurity by dating people who others saw as extremely beautiful, so by association, I too, would be worthy. Messed up! Now, it’s time for dating that doesn’t make me talk about them all night, or make me feel like I constantly need to prove myself, no, I’m looking for someone who is cool-enough to love me whether I’m sparkling at an event or sweaty after the gym. Flaws and all, I want someone who is onboard for attraction below the surface and a personality that’s worth my time.

Happy Hunting,


6 thoughts on “Dating…

  1. the dating game is exhausting but always worth it, I am right there with you. I actually never really thought of who I was attracted to in that light but such a great point. at least you will have fun stories to share, my friends still get a kick out of hearing about my blind dates 🙂 You got this!

  2. I can totally relate, I used to do the same thing and dated the guy (read type) over and over and over. Broke the cycle this year though! 🙂

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