Lessons from Mom

Today is my mom’s birthday. She is the smartest, most fashionable and most capable woman I know. In honour of her birth, I wanted to share some of the lessons she’s taught me over the years.
1. There are expensive emotions….know them, and then avoid them like the plague. Some examples of expensive emotions are: worry and guilt. They are emotions that take up lots of energy and are a waste of your precious time.

2. Smile until you feel it. Okay, this one is very literal. When I was younger my mom used to make my sisters and I look ourselves in the mirror and force a smile until it cracked into a genuine one. I still do this when I’m feeling low.

3. Want to lose weight? Great, but look great right now. When my sisters and I would cry to my mom about our changing size, she would listen, support whatever action plan we were going to pursue to change these unwanted changes, but first, she’d take us shopping. She taught us that it’s possible to look fantastic at any size, but sometimes a fresh outfit helped us realize that. Recently, when I was dealing with a bad bout of depression and would only wear stretchy clothing, my mom took me shopping to buy the nicest pair of leggings on the market…it put a smile on my face.

4. Treat yourself. Similar to the previous lesson, my mom believes in treating yourself…it’s a form of loving yourself. Whether it be a pedicure, a haircut, a massage, I always have my mom’s blessing when I tell decide to book a facial 🙂 For me, it’s a way of investing in myself, and taking the time to go on little solo ‘dates’.

5. Own your independence. My mom always told us to go away for university, even though we always had good universities in our backyard, she always encouraged us to travel for school (and much to my dad’s chagrin) we all did, and are so happy we did. Leaving for university is only one example of my mom’s encouragement to us to own our independence. She ashowed us her independence in the way she led her life; she worked full-time, she had an education, she had friends outside of her relationship, she had interests different from my dad’s…. she is always her own person.

6. Hosting is a skill…and it’s one you should master. My mom is the ultimate hostess. She just knows how to make a space sparkle, then whip up the perfect meal, light the candles and set out tasty appetizers. Yes, I still am happy to attend any dinner party that my mom throws.

So, to my running buddy, my fashion counsel, and look-alike, thanks for always being there for life-chats, guidance and love. Happy Birthday, Mom!

It’s kind of crazy that I only love you more the older I get.

What lessons did your mom teach you? 

The luckiest,


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Katie, you rock.

Katie, you rock.

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