Returning to Gotham

IMG_3987.JPGNew York.

You swept me off my feet. Then you broke my heart… And crumbled it into a million pieces. Six months passed, and I’ve returned for a visit, cautiously. Distance gave me perspective and recovery. It made me realize that I didn’t need New York to be awesome. It made me appreciate Seattle more, and rediscover my adoration for this city by understanding my need to come back often to regain my tension… That sounds strange but this city gives you so much grit, grime and struggle that you can’t help but be slightly jaded and biter so that your stories regain that dry humour and self-deprecating tone… One that forces you to laugh at yourself and realIze that we’re all crazy.

I love this city and am so happy to be back… It’s marvelous, but now I realize that I can be marvelous without it.

So, who or what has broken your heart and given you new insight on yourself?

Lots of love,

Katie, you rock.

Katie, you rock.

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