Time for a Makeover

I write this on Sunday afternoon, on a bench wearing a tank top and sandals… Apparently October didn’t get the fall memo and I am so okay with that.


Soo, the elephant in the room: The Compost Cook got a makeover! I am beyond excited to have a site that better reflects my style. The makeover also marks the next level of The Compost Cook… It means more workouts, better recipes and maybe even a few crafts!

Since the makeover made me take a bit of a blogging hiatus, let me catch you up on the past three weeks!

1. After an INCREDIBLE trip to New York, I flew to LA for work and basically fell in love with all of my coworkers and their awesomeness. Seriously, I love my job. Also, I am absolutely in love with California… I keep resisting the move, but I think the winter might bring a temporary transition to the Santa Monica sun:) … I will keep you posted.

2. I am a pet owner!!! World, meet Moses Waffles Kelly aka Mo Waffles. He is my new best friend. He is a two-year old rescue dog that is half French bulldog, half King Charles Spaniel. He totally runs the show now, so my days revolve around his walks:)




3. Canadian Thanksgiving!! I went home for the first time since August and while I was so excited see my family, I also realized my love of Seattle. I ate a ton of delicious food, but unfortunately my digestion issues flared up and it caused a lot of discomfort.



4. Not only was it Canadian Thanksgiving but it was also a race weekend in Victoria, so my best friend and myself ran the 8k. It was probably the most laid back race I’ve ever run…. We just chatted the entire time and caught up with each other’s lives. The only downfall of the event was me tripping 1km from the finish line and getting road rash all over my leg. I limped/ran to the finish:)

5. I’m off to Portland this week! I have never been to the legendarily hipster PDX, but am thrilled that work brings me down their this week for some design work. I have heard awesome things about the city and will be sure to share my travels.

6. Tinder. It cures my boredom and fills me with laughter…. It also seems to be an ongoing game for my sister and myself of who can find the crazier match.

Those are some of the marvelous things in my life, now I’m off to do some barre with my favorite people at Lorna Jane.


Glad to be back,

the CC

So, what’s been going on in YOUR lives for the past three weeks?! What adventures have you been up to? 



Katie, you rock.

Katie, you rock.

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