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4 schools in 4 years...I seem to collect art school experiences like I collect recipes!

4 schools in 4 years…I seem to collect art school experiences like I collect recipes!

As you perhaps know, I am finishing my last year at art school. I started my degree in sculpture and oil painting at Queen’s University, then transferred schools to pursue different studio options, particularly textiles. Best decision, ever. I love my school, NSCAD University more than I can express; over the past three years I have thrived in my classes and discovered so much about myself and about what I want to do with my future.

Last year, through the support of my school, I studied fashion design in Seoul, South Korea. Wow, what an experience. Going from my small art school of 1000 students to studying at a multi-discipline school of 22,000 students, called Kookmin University (it means school of the public in Korean). Korea was phenomenal. I was the first foreign student to study in the fashion department and therefore had to carve a bit of my own path but the experience and the amount I learned was irreplaceable. Seoul is at the heart of ‘fast fashion, which is very different from what my school in Canada focused on, but it was fascinating to visit the factories, and see the speed at which trends change. While living in Seoul, a city of 12 million, I made weekly visits to the garment markets to barter for materials, attended Seoul’s Fashion Week, went to the whole sale markets for buyers across Asia (the markets open at midnight!) and got to study at Korea’s oldest (and arguably the best) school for Fashion Design.

Now, I have returned from Korea, completed my independent studio at NSCAD University, where I focused on working on the laser cutter and continued to pursue my passion for art history by studying the History of Food and Craft, and am leaving for New York City to finish my art school education in the Big Apple. How blessed am I?! In New York I will be studying Contemporary Art at School of Visual Arts with 15 other students chosen from art schools across North America and we have the option of either interning in our field or having a studio. I’ve decided to intern and CAN’T WAIT!!

Anyway, that’s my art school background and feel free to check out my online portfolio.

Now, you know what I’m doing when I’m not busying myself as The Compost Cook 🙂

-the cc

Click on the photo to link to my online portfolio!

Click on the photo to link to my online portfolio!


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