Berry Bliss Rounds GF, V
Meg’s Moist Magical Maple Muffins GF, V

Check It Out Chicken Fingers  Paleo, GF

The Curry Kicker Granola Bars  Paleo, GF, V
Dynamite Bars  GF, V
Absolute Apple Paleo, GF, V
Decadent Dynamite GF, V
Banana Bliss GF, V
Hurried Curried Fries Paleo, GF, V
Nori Wraps GF, V, Paleo
Nori Chips GF, V, Paleo

Miso Green Salad  GF, V
Nori Salad GF, Paleo, V
Pretty Pom Pecan Salad GF, Paleo, V
Mushroom Madness Salad GF

Corny Soup GF, Paleo
Mushroom Madness  Paleo, GF, V
Juiced Up Curried Pumpkin Soup V, GF, Paleo

Sauces and Dressings
Miso Happy Dressing  GF, V
Divine Dressing  GF, V
Miso Crazy Gravy GF, V
Creamy Curried Artichoke Dip GF, V, Paleo

Peanut Butter Bacon Maple Cookies GF, Paleo
Loco Coco Java Cake GF, Paleo
Going Bananas Nice Cream GF, V, Paleo
Pumped Up Pumpkin Nice Cream,  
GF, V, Paleo
Zesty Berry Bowl (Nice Cream) 
 GF, V, Paleo
Nutty, Not Naughty Truffles GF, V, Paleo
Beet Batter GF, V, Paleo
Compost Cookies
Cashew Crazed Popcorn 
 GF, V
Roasted Rosemary Orange Nuts  GF, V, Paleo
Coco-Date Balls GF, V, Paleo
Egg Nog Bites GF, V
Spicy Cranberry Granola White Chocolate Bark GF, V

Green Mean Energy Machine  V, Paleo, GF
Runner’s High Chai  
V, Paleo, GF
The Compost Cook’s CGL Kicker 
 V, Paleo, GF

DIY Photo Whiteboard 


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