Well, that was fun.

I’m standing in the Toronto International Airport, listening to Bruce Springsteen on the speakers and couldn’t be happier. I’m going home. It’s marvelous. I’ve packed up my life in New York and am ready to take on my next adventure! The past week has been an absolute roller coaster of emotions, but I made it and now I just need to be patient, board my last flight of the day and run into my parents arms when I land on the West Coast. I am like a kid before Christmas. Home is safe. Home is loving. Home is where I need to be now. Knowing my vagabond ways, I probably won’t last long in one city, but for now it is perfect. The next few months will be full of new workouts, recipe development and of course, family time.


Can’t wait to share the next chapter with you all! 

West Coast-bound love,


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